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Creative Ways to Cut Back + 5 New Opportunities

Simple hacks, cashback apps, and new opportunities


There’s been a lot going on in the world lately. While we can’t solve everything, we hope this issue can offer some practical tips for navigating the financial challenges we’re experiencing.

In today’s FOMO Friday:

  • Cutting back on expenses

  • Believing in your desires

  • Cashback apps

  • 5 new opportunities

  • Finding stability in freelancing

Action Step: Cut Back on Expenses

Let’s be real y’all…everything has been expensive AF. I was grocery shopping the other day, and a box of graham cracker sandwiches (6 count!) was $13.99! I said:

Everyone’s budgets are getting stretched. And while cutting back on expenses seems simple, we don’t believe in sacrificing things you love in the process. Like if that $5 coffee is the one thing preventing you from going over the edge, baby keep drinking it.

That said, here are a few creative ways to trim your expenses:

Use GoodRx on Prescriptions

GoodRx allows you to compare prices on prescriptions and get free coupons. I was once picking ip a $239/month prescription at CVS and found out that I could pick it up at a pharmacy just down the road for $89 instead.

Swap Cable for Hulu + Live TV

Cable can cost around $150 per month. Hulu + Live TV (which includes Disney+ and ESPN+) comes with live TV and the standard Hulu offering for just $76.99 per month.

Change Your Phone Plan

Are you using the data you’re paying for? According to research from Wirecutter, you could pay $65 per month with Consumer Cellular or $140 per month with Verizon, for the same exact service.

Share Resources with Friends and Family

This might sound like a no-brainer, but can you share Hulu or Netflix subscriptions? What about getting on a family phone plan with friends or extended family?

If you hit the same gym as a family member, look into family deals. Purchase 1 Costco membership instead of two. You get the vibe.

Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Use

Use a software like ScribeUp to find subscriptions you forgot you had or no longer use, then cancel them. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be a forever thing. You can cancel temporarily to save money, then reactivate when you more comfortable financially.

Do the Shelftember Fridge Challenge

Shelftember is a challenge that encourages you to get creative with what you currently have before going grocery shopping for new items. More on that here.


I came across a post this week that said:

If this politely attacked you the way it politely attacked me, let this be your sign to take action on whatever it is you think you might not be good enough for.

Tool: Taplio

We’re in the era of the personal brand. If you’re trying to grow yours on LinkedIn, Taplio is a sweet tool to implement. It helps write LinkedIn posts with AI, create carousels, and has a bank of 5M+ posts to give you inspiration.

Make Money

🏦 Errors in student loan payments might warrant a refund.

📲 Become a full-time content creator in 6 months.

📈 Make your younger family members millionaires.

Save Money

💸 Money-saving tips for 2023. (podcast)

🤔 Use this Amazon price tracker to guarantee the best price.

5 new opportunities! Have a cool opportunity you want to share with our readers? Hit Reply on this email and let us know.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming, which means Amazon orders are about to get crazy. Make around $20-$22/hour delivering packages on your own schedule.

Help students break into tech by leading mentoring cohorts. Stipends are paid out based on the cohort, ranging from $600 to $1,600.

Looking for a writer for a corporate blog. Budget is in the $5,000 to $10,000 range, but they didn’t specify the number of deliverables within that rate.

This individual is looking for a content creator that can create, film, and edit top-down recipe videos for a seafood company.

Okay, we don’t usually include FT roles in here, but I couldn’t resist. If you’ve seen Duolingo on TikTok, you know their strategy is hilarious and a tad crazy. Plus the compensation is up to $128k 👀

Want to see a specific type of work? Just let us know.

Ask the Sidepiece Team

Audience Q: I want to freelance, but I’m scared of the instability. Any advice for this?

A: I’m a full-time freelancer (and have been for 2+ years). I once had this fear, but I’ve actually found it more stable to be a freelancer because of the multiple income streams I have.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a period in the beginning where things will feel chaotic as you build up your client base. Be financially prepared before you make the jump so this period doesn’t feel as do-or-die.

Once you find some consistency though, it’s pretty stable. My income never drops below a certain point, which gives me a greater feeling of safety. I do have a larger emergency fund though in case sh*t does hit the fan.

See ya on Tuesday,