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Living Your Rich Life ASAP + 6 gig opps

Money CAN support a life you love

Hey y’all.

Being rich and feeling rich are two different things. Let’s unpack the latter.

Discovering Your Rich Life

Money and life are inextricably connected. How much you make impacts how you live, and there’s few (legal) ways around that.

So how do you make sure money allows you to live a life you enjoy? You get clear on what your Rich Life looks like.

Your Rich Life, a term coined by author and host of a new Netflix Series, Ramit Sethi, is about figuring out what makes you feel rich and fulfilled. For example, Ramit’s Rich Life is one where he can order appetizers without thinking about the price, freely donate to friends’ charity fundraisers, and include family on vacations.

Maybe things like shopping at Whole Foods instead of Aldi, being able to cover the bill on a date, or the ability to invest $1,000 into a new hobby make you feel fulfilled. Whatever it is, get clear on it.

Ramit says, “Once you have that vision, you can spend extravagantly on the things you love and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don't.

Ramit, despite being a multimillionaire, doesn’t own a home and drives an old Honda. Why? Because those things aren’t part of his Rich Life.

You don’t become morally superior for spending more or less on something. Know what truly brings you joy, then get comfortable spending on it and ditching what doesn’t.

Helpful Resources

Ramit creates content in just about every medium, so there’s a ton of ways you can learn from him.

He recently came out with a Netflix series called How to Get Rich. Across the 8 episodes, he works with real people across the U.S. to help them navigate a variety of financial topics so they can live their rich life. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s gotten rave reviews.

He’s written two books — I Will Teach You to Be Rich and a Journal Workbook to go along with it. I’ve read the book and our marketing whiz Jasmine completed the journal, and we both loved them. Ramit’s also active on Instagram, TikTok, and his podcast.

Featured Opportunities

This week’s gigs are super cool, y’all. 👀

If you’re into college athletics and the NIL, this gig is for you. 🏈

Toast Media Group is looking for a freelance writer to cover topics related to eating culture. No resume needed (🙌🏼).

Eastern Adventure, an advertising agency for outdoor brands, is looking for a freelance SMM to help build their clients’ accounts.

For a climate-focused agency. Looks super neat. 🍃

For an Oregon-based burger company called Killer Burger.

For a creative agency. Opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

Want to see a specific type of work? Just let us know.
And want more to see more job opps? Peep at the end.

What I’m Thinking About

Quarterly taxes are due (again…*sigh*) on June 15th. I’ve found that as an independent worker, taxes are blown up a lot. I promise you, they aren’t as stressful as we make them out to be.

Next week, I’ll go more in depth on this, giving you my tips for preparing for tax season and a few things you might not have known you can write off.

See ya next week,