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Calculating Your Net Worth & Finding Work You Love

+ how to monitor your credit and make some side cash


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Action Step: Calculating Your Net Worth

Your net worth is a calculation of what you own minus what you owe (assets - liabilities). It’s a measure of your financial “worth,” although it should never be equated with your worth as a human.

Measuring your net worth periodically is a good way to keep an eye on the value of assets and the amount of debt you owe. It’s also fun to see the progress as your net worth grows over time. I calculate mine every 4-5 months, and it’s always a massive motivator to see my progress.

You can use a more robust net worth calculator like this one or just manually add everything up.


Comment down below it this seems accurate! #personalfinance


In a previous issue of Sidepiece, I dove into my strategy for finding fulfilling work. Ask yourself:

  1. What does my dream life look like?

  2. How much do I need to make to live that life?

  3. What jobs allow me to make that much?

  4. Which of those roles am I most interested in?

My theory is that you’ll never find work that’s 100% fulfilling if it doesn’t support you in living a life you enjoy.

Tool: Credit Karma

65% of people with credit or debit cards have experienced credit card fraud at least once. 😬 The winter holiday season is prime time for credit scams to run rampant, too. If you haven’t checked your credit score in some time, create a free account on Credit Karma and give your score a close look.

If you notice anything funky, you can dispute the charge directly through the platform.

Links of the Week

Make Money

📈 You shouldn’t keep too much in your savings account. This is why.

📲 Scan receipts into cashback apps for some free money.

🤳🏼 Get started as a microinfluencer and land paid brand deals.

Save Money

🛋️ Before buying new furniture, look for lower prices on Spoken.io.

💰 Lower your 2023 taxes by contributing extra to your investment accounts.

🛫 If you like to travel, get free stays anywhere in the world in exchange for pet sitting.

Featured Opportunities

5 more opportunities for ya! For more jobs like these, check out a full list here.

Varsity Tutors is an online platform that allows you to get paid for tutoring on pretty much any topic. According to some reviews, tutors make up to $33 per hour.

Instawork is a platform to find short-term local gig work — like bartending, dishwashing, or retail — with businesses that need an extra hand. A friend of mine used it a couple months ago to work as a dishwasher at a Taylor Swift concert 😂

Average earnings are $20+ per hour! It’s available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Follow for Part 2! How I’m getting paid to go to the Taylor Swift concert. I’m going to be a dishwasher! #greenscreen #taylorswift #swifti... See more

Kape Technologies is looking for copywriters and content writers for one of their VPN clients.

An entrepreneur is looking for someone to run his personal social media channels.

This web agency is looking for a designer to create their new logo. Budget is is in the $250 to $500 range, but we recommend pushing for a bit more.

Want to see a specific type of work? Just let us know.

Ask the Sidepiece Team

I launched my business 2.5 years ago, so I get it — it’s a lot, especially upfront! First, we created a comprehensive guide to your first year in business. It walks through pretty much everything you need to know in those early stages.

Second, you don’t need much. There’s a misconception that you need to know everything before getting started, but you don’t.

Have an idea, and start testing it. You don’t need an LLC, a business bank account, or a full-fledged 10-year plan before you start.

If you have specific questions about starting a business — like which business bank account or how to start freelancing — let us know and we can do a deep dive.

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