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  • 💸 Sidepiece is Dead. Long Live, Sidepiece.

💸 Sidepiece is Dead. Long Live, Sidepiece.

More substance, less ads, and cooler ways to build wealth (with us)


We’re back in business. Today, a quick update and what we’re excited about.

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Sidepiece is dead.

Many of you may not have known this, but Sidepiece started as a side project for the team at Boost — a fintech app. 

And while Boost struggled, Sidepiece started to gain some traction. 

However, you may have noticed recently that has Sidepiece disappeared. 

You also may have noticed that past issues started to feel like other newsletters— the same content, ads everywhere…

That’s not what we want, though. 

So we took a break to rethink what the newsletter and bigger company should be. 

More on that below. 

Long live, Sidepiece. 

Well, the newsletter is back. And we’re changing a few things. 

You want to learn how to earn more money, create better work, and build wealth in the future. 

So, that’s what we’re focusing on— advice, tactics, and strategies to help you earn more money. 

We’re helping you work better by providing tips to get more done, create higher quality work, and make working more bearable. 

And lastly, content that teaches you how to build wealth like smart entrepreneurs do. 

There will be less content about credit card points, savings accounts, and saving for retirement.  

No more super random gigs that seem sketchy.

All of that is interesting, but you can Google it. 

Going forward, we are writing for people who want to work better, earn more, and have a solid plan to build wealth creatively. 

On Tuesdays, we’ll share big ideas, concepts, and interesting ways to level up your wealth and entrepreneurial health. 

On Fridays, we’ll focus on one idea and provide tools and tactics that will help you learn more or implement into your life. 

Every edition should give you more confidence that you can meet your earning, creative, and human potential. 

So, what now?

Well, there’s nothing for you to do except keep reading. And forgive us for the pause. 

But… we’re not like other newsletters.

And we are looking for some of you to build with us. 

We’re looking for writers, designers, researchers, business geniuses, engineers, creators, and people with ops chops to help us build bigger and better than before.

If Sidepiece is successful, then you should be too. You deserve a piece. 

If you’re interested, then drop your info here. Join the Sidepiece team. 

Want something more hands-off? We’re speaking with a limited number of investors to help us launch new freelancer-specific products and services in 2024.

If that’s you, then fill out this investor interest form

Alright, that’s it. 

See you on Friday!