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Is The Money Ever Enough? How to Strike Balance in Your Career

Working less to live more…let’s talk about it.

Hey y’all.

Today, we’re diving deep into a practical question: When is the money enough? How do you know when to say “I’m not taking on any more work. I’m okay chilling at these rates for a while?”

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Okay, now let’s dive in. ⬇️

When is the Money Enough? How to Strike that Balance

You take on more work, work yourself to the bone, and end the week exhausted. But you made good money, right? So it’s worth it?

All that money stacks up in your bank account, but are you getting to enjoy it? Truth is, more work doesn’t always mean more money. And more money doesn’t always mean more happiness or freedom.

Here’s How to Find the Sweet Spot Between Work & Your Desired Income

Finding the sweet spot — where you’re working a comfortable number of hours and you’re able to support a lifestyle you enjoy living — is crucial.

So, instead of saying: I think I’ll charge $X → That means I’ll need to work X hours → Dang I’m not making as much as I’d hope

Or: I think $X is the going rate for the services I want to offer → I want to make $X per year → I’ll need to work XCrazyHours to make that much

Do this: The lifestyle I want to live looks like X → I need to make X per year to enjoy that lifestyle → I want to work around X hours per week → I should aim to charge $X or secure a job paying $X

One caveat: We can’t always have it all. (I know that might hurt to hear.) If the going rate for the service you want to offer is around $40,000 per year, but you want to make $80,000 per year to live your ideal lifestyle, there’s a chance you’ll need to get creative about how you work (ie. maybe hiring an assistant so you can focus on the revenue-generating action), reconsider your day job, or reevaluate your dream lifestyle.

Start with evaluating how you work before dipping into the other two.

Helpful Resources

One of the most successful, intelligent freelancers I know, Kat Boogard, made over $300k in revenue in 2021…and decided to take a pay cut in 2022.

She said, “Blame it on burnout, the pandemic, or becoming a mom (or all of the above), but I’m craving more time and less stress.” Instead of thinking, “What’s next?” (in the sense of "how can I make more money?”), she thought about how she could gain more time.

Read the story of her pay cut here — it’s pretty powerful to hear someone’s story in detail and hear how she found the sweet spot between income and living outside of work.

Featured Opportunities

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What I’m Thinking About

Next week, we’ll talk more about how bringing on an assistant can help you scale your freelance business without sacrificing a ton of profit. Our own founder did it (and grew her freelance business to $500k per year, might I add). We’ll cover how outsourcing can work for you, how it can help you grow, and when you know it’s the right time to do it.

See ya next week,